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New Knitting Plan

I’ve decided I need to document my knitting just as I do my sewing.  Typically I document my sewing in several posts basically discussing  preparation, fitting and a last post of finishing and evaluation of the entire process and result.  I have slightly different reasons for documenting my knitting.  While my sewing documentation is a Sewing Journal my knitting posts are intended to  keep me accountable and maybe a little better motivated towards completion.  I won’t be making a knitting post daily or even weekly.  My goal is 10 items a year giving myself a break for December when I have the KM down and the Christmas Tree up and a break at any other time as needed. Yesterday’s post of the Witches Hat will be fairly typical.   It started a series of posts, each to be made as and when significant progress occurs and continuing until I can proudly (or not) post a completed garment or a wadder. (Those things happen to best of us.)

Hope this is not terribly boring for you and you will follow along as I dig back into the wonderous world of Machine Knitting.


First Knitting Blog Post

I both hand and machine knit. 2 needles and 200. Or at least I used to. I used to fill my closet with personally knit garments which others swore were high end. Nope I’d just been practicing for  20, 30, 40 years.  About 10 years ago, all my knitting ceased. Not intentionally. I retired and restructured my life.  Knitting went by the wayside. Oh I picked up needles from time to time and cast on guage swatches. But I never got far. I’m happy to say that’s changed. I’m knitting and finishing garments.


Of course, I’m going to brag about it!  But for those of you not interested in knitting projects and because this is how I organize my posts, I’ve started a new blog that will contain only my knitting posts. I don’t expect there will be many but you need not read them at all.  And, you don’t have to subscribe if you do want to read my posts. I’ll still post a link on my index blog sdBev.  If you are subscribed there (or use another RSS tracking service), you’ll automatically be notified when I post about my knitting. Thanks for joining me