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First Knitting Project Completed in 10 Years!

Note:  This was accidentally published during August.  I wanted better pics and took down the post.I’m reposting with 2 new pics which are just as disappointing as the originals.    Unfortunately, eggplant photos no better than black.  I’m at the point of saying it is what it is.

New Front Photo


not really much better than:

Despite its obviously short comings and my lack of photography skills, I love this sweater. Love it, because it is finished. Not just a swatch guage. Not partially done and abandoned. Finished.

For this cardigan I used 7 skeins of  Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Eggplant.  It’s not an expensive yarn. But having culled my stash and ruined several purchases, I decided to start simple and cheap.

Pattern is my own. Essentially 4 rectangles, two for back and two for front, which are joined and then sleeves picked up along the sides and knit to the cuff.  I used garter stitch through out.  About half way through I realized I wasn’t going to have enough yarn. At that point I purchased a skein from Hobby Lobby (Label lost.  Can’t tell you anything other than it’s a purple).  Total yarn needed was just under 8 skeins.

I’m of the opinion that adding a different color or even the same yarn but different dye lot, it needs to be done artistically. I added 6 rows of garter stitch to each side in the Hobby Lobby purple before picking up the stitches for the sleeves using Knit Pics Eggplant.  Used the Hobby Lobby again for the 3-needle bind-off when joining the the back pieces.


Back and side seam detail

Other than the center back, the seams are back stitched.


I did have some starts and rips but got going pretty quickly and finished in only 3 weeks.  Haven’t decided if I want buttons or other closure in front. So it may be done, done, but not all the way done. Then again, considering it’s faults, it maybe done, done DONE.